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Epic Art


I would like to introduce you to a very epic map! This map features lots of epic pixel art. This is the latest version. This map features minecraft versions of Mario, Yoshi, Perry the Platypus, Pac-Man, Despicable Me Minion, Princess Peach, Spongebob Squarepants, Plankton, and much more. Check out some of these epic screenshots: Read More »

Haunted Mansion


Although Halloween has come and pass, this is great ported map, and is very fun I hope you enjoy it. I have decided to leave out the video of this map, so that everything is a surprise. I have included a couple of screenshots to give you a bit of a tease. Read More »

Roman Coliseum

Roman 1

Here is another ported map crossing over from the pc, the Roman Coliseum.. Sometimes referred to as a Colosseum or roman theater. There’s an old saying that goes “Rome, wasn’t build in a day”. It probably save to say that this map took more than a day to put together. The good news it’s all ready built for you all ... Read More »

The Simpson’s Map


This is a map of the Simpson’s town known as Springfield. This is a ported map that came from the PC so you know it is well made. Since it is a ported map, and the PE worlds aren’t as big a PC maps it is cut off a little but you do get a decent size hunk of the ... Read More »

Modern House Map


Here is a simple, yet nice free custom minecraft pe map for you to download. This map comes with a neatly pre-built house for you to enjoy and gives you an nice base to start your world in. And best of all it won’t cost you anything all you have to do is share our site on a social site ... Read More »

Butter Parkour v2


I’m sure you remember the first version of Butter Parkour for the Minecraft PE. It was a great concept, but it need a bit of work this is an all new version that is a bit more longer and a bit more challenging. And best of all more budder! So try out this new Epic Jump Map Butter Edition v2 ... Read More »

Legend of Zelda, Link Skins


What fun would the Legend of Zelda Temple Parkour map be with a Steve skin? We’ve uploaded 3 different of versions of Link Minecraft skins for you to use (the 3rd version is a female version).     Version 1 (Old School Link) Version 2 (Updated Link)     Version 3 (Female)                  Read More »

Legend of Zelda Parkour

Zelda Parkour

Are you ready for some more Minecraft PE parkour maps? I hope you are because we’ve found a bunch of great parkour custom maps and we will be busy updating all this month. This Minecraft PE custom map is inspired by Legend of Zelda. This Minecraft PE Parkour map takes place indoors, I won’t ruin all the fun and surprises ... Read More »

Top 10 Map Download Giveaway


As a special thanks to all our visitors we are now able to give back! That’s right we are doing our first Minecraft giveaway! A very cool minecraft hoodie! Who is eligible? Anyone who downloads the Top 10 Map Pack Download We have set up a special way to track who downloads this map pack to get you registered. The ... Read More »

Tazader 9

Tazader 9 Feature

  This just may be the largest and most complete Minecraft PE Map. Ranks right up there with Castle Von Fatalis! This MCPE map features a ton of stuff. This map is HUGE! So it may take awhile for it to load. Hope your handheld device is up to date and can handle all the awesomeness. Screenshots:   Stay tuned ... Read More »