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Cops N Robbers

Check out this great multiplayer pe map!

The Minecraft mini game Cops and Robbers is now on pocket edition. The Cops and Robbers minecraft download is very popular on the pc version.

As this is a multiplayer map you should have at least 3 people. The more people you have the better it is. You could even do it with two people but it would be very hard to try and escape.

Goal: To escape from the jail

How to Play:

One person is the “Cop” or Warden. He tells the other players what to do. The “Robbers” or Inmates can only leave their cells if told to. If they don’t listen the cop can then kill/hurt them. All mean well the robbers main goal is to try to escape. The cop should be equipped with armor and a sword. The inmates should have no tools or armor.

Click Here to Download Map

Cops N Robbers 2 Cops N Robbers 3 Cops N Robbers 4 Cops N Robbers 1

If you curious to see it in action be sure to check out these videos:

Minecraft PE Version Preview:

Minecraft PC Version In Action:


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