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Minecrat PE Nether

The Nether has finally made it to Minecraft PE, well sort of. Seeing as the Nether is probably several updates away from the pocket edition a map maker(Sirius) has decided to create the Nether for MCPE. Actually he has created several different versions/variety’s. So stay tuned as I will try to keep this post as short and as concise as possible.

There is also a PE Nether Texture Pack as well so that you get the full effect.

Download this Texture Pack

All of these maps also come in Creative or Survival.

Nether PE Map 1

This is the basic/normal map, great all around map. A great start for getting the feel of the Nether.

Download Nether 1 Creative Download Nether 1 Survival


Minecraft PE Nether Map 1 Minecraft PE Nether 4

Nether PE 2

This is the second version which has lots and lots more lava.

Download Nether 2 CreativeDownload Nether 2 Survival


Nether PE 2_1 Nether PE 2_2 Nether PE 2_3 Nether PE 2_4

Nether Fortress

This version comes with a house/fort already in place for you if your not into making your own.

Download Nether Fortress CreativeDownload Nether Fortress Survival


Nether Fortress 1 Nether Fortress 2


Nether Obsidian

This is a nether built from glowing obsidian and is for those who wish to not download and install a texture pack.


Download Nether Obsidian CreativeDownload Nether Obsidian Survival


Nether Obsidian 1 Nether Obsidian 2

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