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Skyblock PE

Skyblock PE 3


If you haven’t heard of Skyblock yet then you can be glad you found this site. Minecraft Skyblock PE could be classified as either a Survival map or mini-game.

You spawn on a very small bit of space high up in the air. The point of the game is to make a lot out of almost nothing. You start with basically nothing.

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There are some basic skyblock rules and challenges that you want to try to complete and these challenges will make the game more fun for you.

Here are some basic challenges that you will want to try to complete:

  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Make a bridge to the sand island
  • Build a cobblestone house
  • Make your island as big as possible with cobblestone

For the professionals:

  • Create a nether reactor *Watch it doesn’t destroy your island*
  • Do not die to regenerate health
  • Create 10 Bookshelves
  • Decorate your house with 10 paintings

If you’re like me you’ll probably mess up a few times with creating the cobblestone generator. If you do you have to end up deleting the map and then re-installing it.

Here a quick video on how to setup a Cobblestone Generator. Please note this is not our video but one we found. We are hoping to start up a YouTube Channel shortly to cover things like this. Think you can help? Join The Team.

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